Mejiro Kenshin Junior High School and Senior High School

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Mejiro Kenshin Junior and Senior High School is an elite school that was restructured in April 2009 from Mejiro Gakuen Junior and Senior High School. It is based on the concept of a "coeducational school responding to the educational needs of a new age". The school's educational vision is "Kigaku Kenshin" (Love of Learning and Polishing the Mind). Utilizing a large variety of curricula, students are able to grow in skills and ensure their advancement to the next level of learning. The school supports dramatic growth for the future by helping each student experience a love of learning as they polish their minds.


  • Mejiro Kenshin Junior and Senior High School
  • 4-31-1 Nakaochiai, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 161-8539, JAPAN Tel: 03-5996-3131, Fax: 03-5996-3066