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Faculty of Nursing

To become a nurse who can contribute to Japanese medical care.

This faculty aims at raising practical nurses and hygienists who hold professional knowledge and skills based on the following philosophy; Oneself, Teacher, Parent.
The main job of nurses is to assist in the medical treatment of patients. Nurses perform mainly in the field of social welfare such as hospitals, clinics and welfare- related institutions. Therefore, studies are focused on these organizations. Employment opportunities in this profession is increasing every year as highly qualified nurses, both male and female, are in demand to care for the escalating aging population. Furthermore, skilled nurses are becoming more essential with medical advances in medicine and equipment.
A hygienist provides the guidance to prevent disease and to assist people to have a healthy lifestyle. These specialists assist in parenting, aged care in public institution, and also health care for working people. A broad knowledge and skill in medicine is required.

Department of Nursing

Iwatsuki Campus / Students enrolled: 438 / Teachers: 34

Nursing is an academic discipline for studying about ghealthh and glife,h the most important topics for any person. The department offers learning in eight areas; Basic Nursing, Elderly Nursing, Adult Nursing, Child Nursing, Maternal Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing, Community Nursing and Home Nursing, and uses exercises and clinical practice to help students acquire practical nursing skills. Freshman and sophomore class students use human relations and communication exercises to learn solid decision-making skills and the ability to think based on scientifi c foundations, and junior and senior class students use professional nursing exercises to acquire practical skills that can be applied to patients in various on-site situations. Emphasis is placed on helping students acquire the ability to take action, a strong sense of ethics, a sense of mission and respect for life, which are all necessary for independently fi nding and solving issues, to develop strong-willed people who can be trusted to fulfi ll their responsibilities.



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