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Intensive Japanese Language Program (JALP)
for Foreign Students

About the Course

1. Outline
The Japanese Language Program for Foreign Students is an intensive course for studying the Japanese language, offered by the Center for Japanese Language Education at Mejiro University. This course is designed for both those who have the goal of enrolling in undergraduate or graduate courses at Japanese universities and those who simply want to improve their Japanese language ability (including exchange students from partner universities abroad). The language module consists of two courses designed so that students can study Japanese according to their individual goals and proficiency level.
2. Course Duration
The amount of time required to complete this course is one year. However, enrollment by semester (to obtain a level certification) may also be possible. The maximum length a student may be enrolled is two years.
3. Enrollment and Semesters
(1) Enrollment can be made in either April or September.
(2) There are no classes on the following days.
Saturday, Sunday, national holidays, summer holidays, winter holidays, end of academic year holidays and other days designated by the university.

Admission Information

1. Number of places offered
There are 120 spots available for the year, including spots for exchange students from partner universities .
2. Admission requirements
(1) Those that have completed more than 12 years of formal education.
(2) Students with similar academic competency as high school graduates.
(3) Those who have passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N5 (J-TEST F-level and NAT-TEST level 4 also qualify) or have studied the Japanese language for more than 150 hours.
(4) Those who wish to enter the Graduate School Course must be graduates of either a 3 or 4 year university/college, and as a general rule have passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1.
Those who have failed to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility in the past are not permitted to apply.
3. How to apply
(1) Submission of Application
Submission of application documents should be made from:
April 10 – June 30, 2017 (for enrollment in Fall 2017)
September 18 – December 1, 2017 (for enrollment in Spring 2018)
 *Please ask us about the deadline for domestic applicants.
If sending documents by post, the full set of documents should be sent by EXPACK500 (domestic mail) or EMS (international mail). The submitted documents must arrive during the specified period shown above. Applications will not be accepted outside these designated periods. Applicants are not informed of document arrival. If necessary please use a tracking service to confirm that your application has arrived on time.
(2) Address and office hours
Center for Japanese Language Education, International Exchange Services Group,
Mejiro University / 目白大学 国際交流サービスグループ
4-31-1, Nakaochiai, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan 161-8539/
〒161-8539 東京都新宿区中落合4-31-1  

Tel: +81-3-5996-3201
Hours: 9:30 - 11:00 and 13:00 - 16:00 (Monday - Friday)
The office is not open on weekends and national holidays.


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Admission Information

Admission Information(Japanese)
Admission Information(English)
Admission Information(Korean)
Admission Information(Chinese)
Admission Information(Taiwanese)

Application Form

Application Form